Matteo Innocenti Photography | WHAT IS TUSCANYWED ?


April 21, 2016

hello guys


maybe somebody noticed that lately my wedding/engagement pictures have the TuscanyWed logo but....what is TuscanyWed ? is the project that me and my great and trusted colleague Silvia Galora had in mind from a very long time and that we just lauched on the web.


Me and her are working together very often and from a long time so, since we really appreciate each other's style and we have different approach for the same goal, we thought that we needed providing our wedding/engagement services as a team and not as 2 separate colleagues.


when you hire TuscanyWed for your dreamy wedding in Tuscany, Italy or elsewhere you know that you are not just hiring 2 professional wedding photographer, you are hiring a team which will deliver you great pictures with our usual mix of reportage, fairy and fashion pictures but mostly you are hiring 2 people which really do believe in what they do and they also have fun doing it (your pictures will show it!)


TuscanyWed - Tuscany Wedding Photographers