Matteo Innocenti Photography | About


Hi, I am Matteo.


I was born and raised in Florence, surrounded by beauty and art ,and I recently moved to the country in Montespertoli (in the beautiful Chianti area) where I opened my studio (MIPstudio)


I love books, musicals, sports, theatre and good food but most of all I do love having fun with people, I hope you can see it

from my pictures.


I never thought I'd become a professional wedding photographer, I have always been into portrait and fashion photography until I had the chance to help a friend of they say it was love at first sight.


I found that this is my real dimension since being a wedding photographer is mostly a matter of feelings, readiness and (of course) delivering nice pictures but I also love talking with "my" brides and grooms before the wedding, knowing who they are and what their story is since I am truly honored to be part of this precious day for so many people.


I love facing each wedding with new ideas and I always look for the perfect shot for each couple (that's what will keep me always looking for higher standards). 

In the last years I found that working with a mixed style with reportage (from ceremony to the party) and a more relaxed and funny portrait session is the best way to have fun and shot my best pictures.


If you like the way I work just contact me to check if I am available for your wedding !



I’m part of A.N.F.M. (National wedding photographer association)

and you can also follow me on my Facebook fanpage